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    Check out Van Allen Homes newest single family home that sold in June.   Van Allen builds custom homes in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties.  2914 Knoll Acres road is their latest completed project in Parkville.    To see all New Home Construction in Baltimore County click HERE.

    2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-1 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-2 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-3 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-4 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-5 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-6 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-7 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-8 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-9 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-10 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-11 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-12 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-13 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-14 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-15 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-16 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-17 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-18 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-19 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-20 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-21 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-22 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-23 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-24 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-25 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-26 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-27 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-28 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-29 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-30 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-31 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-32 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-33 copy 2914-Knoll-Acres-Rd-34 copy

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