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SURE Sales Group Ep. 17 – Trends, Value & Pricing

Don’t be lazy with language.  The words we use everyday have a big impact on our conversations, perceptions and negotiations – especially in Real Estate.  Three terms discussed in SURE Sales Group Ep. 17 are Trends, Value and Pricing.   These terms have specific meetings in the residential real estate world.

  • Trends – Trends are identified by using data points of past sales.  We look at Median Price, Median Days On Market, and Months Supply of Inventory to identify trends.
  • Value – In residential real estate only an appraiser can determine “Value”.   Of course buyers and sellers have their opinions on value but the buck stops with the appraiser.
  • Pricing – Pricing is where the good real estate professional can logically and rationally justify a sales price.  Pricing opinions are very important because they determine the list price for homes and the offer price for homes.

As always – we would love to discuss these topics further with you!  Contact Andrew Undem anytime at 410-322-3670 or

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