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    SURE Sales Group Ep. 2 – Q1 2017 in the 21093 w/ Andrew Undem

    21093 Under 300k —  21093 301k-500k 21093 500k+

    There comes a time in every “micro market” where the scales are tipped heavily in the favor of home buyers OR home sellers.  Most of the time there is a steady balance and the scales do not tip too far in one direction.

    Right now, in Q1 2017,  the scales are tipped to favor the sellers in the “attache” town home market in the 21093 zip code.

    If you own a home in 21093 and you have had plans on selling, now is a great time to strike.

    The current “Months Supply Of Inventory” is around 2 months of supply.   That is very low!   There are not enough homes to keep up with buyer demand.

    Attached is a current (1/13/17) statistical analysis showcasing the ACTIVE, CONTRACT, and SOLD data as well as a snapshot of the monthly MSI (Months Supply of Inventory) numbers over the last 12 months.  Contact me for the most current statistical analysis:

    ****Whenever you get ready to sell or buy a home, it is prudent to study the current market dynamics.  The two best ways are to look at the current statistical analysis of ACTIVE vs CONTRACT vs SOLD  &  study the Supply & Demand (Months Supply of Inventory) in a market segment.  In this example we are looking at attached homes (meaning row homes or town homes) in 21093.



    21093 Under 300k —  21093 301k-500k 21093 500k+

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