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Listing a home for sale can be very stressful.  It is normally someones largest asset and has the largest impact on their finances.   It is critical to do the heavy lifting up front, before putting a home on the market.   SURE Sales Group has a process that works.  The proof is in the pudding.   Our listings outperform the market.

  • Property Evaluation – It is key to evaluate a properties appearance, functionality, staging, and overall presentation (inside and out) before taking next steps.  You have once chance to make the first impression.   Often times there are many little things that can be done to enhance a properties perceived value to the marketplace.
  • Equity Analysis – Before jumping into a pricing and marketing strategy it is important for home owners to know, up front, what they can expect to net from a home sale.   We call this step an Equity Analysis.  It is difficult to make the educated decisions on liquidating assets without first comparing the likely outcomes.
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Understand current market dynamics is one of the most important skills a real estate professional needs to have.   Being able to pull apart the data & use it to make sound recommendations is the only want to be a true strategic advisor to home sellers.   We take this very seriously when it comes to developing a timing, pricing, and marketing strategy.
  • Prepare For The Market –  Simple step here.  Declutter the house.  Take down family pictures.  Listen to the stager.  Increase curb appeal.  Get the home ready for Professional Photography.
  • Evaluate Timeline – Based on the CMA and the homeowners goals – a timeline of events needs to be established to ensure the proper action steps are getting accomplished.  The timeline is useful tool to set expectations and stay on track throughout the course of a marketing period and transaction.  The timeline conversations is normally shaped by the Market Dynamics and how the sync up with the sellers choice for Pricing and Marketing Strategies.  As advisors to our clients, we present options that make the most sense for our clients critical dependencies (typically time and value based dependencies).
  • Professional Photography – Do not list your house with someone who isn’t willing to send a professional photographer to your house (any number of times) and edit hundreds of photos until you are satisfied.
  • Coming Soon – This is a great tactic to create urgency and gain exposure prior to racking up “days on market”.
  • Active – Once your home is listed in “active” status you will start to add “days on market” to your listing.   There is a direct correlation to low days on market and a high sale to list price ratio.
  • Open House – At the SURE Sales Group we take the “Open House” concept to the next level.   The event is marketed a week in advance, we target local buyers and invite them, and always have a sales agent AND a mortgage lender at the Open House to ensure buyers have the ability to get pre-qualified and get information on what it would take to buy the home.
  • Contract – Negotiating contracts is what we actually get paid to do.   After closing over 1000 real estate transactions, we know the best tactics and are able to orchestrate true win-win outcomes.
  • Closing – No $ changes hands until closing.  Closing is the process of transferring the property from the seller to the buyer.  MANY items need to be taken care of prior to closing on both the buyer and seller side.    At closing, the buyer hands over their down payment and other closing costs (typically in a wire transfer) and the seller receives their proceeds check from the sale.   The buyer gets the keys and the seller no longer owns the property.

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