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Cenmar Management is a full service property management firm headquartered in Baltimore City.   Cenmar is short for CENtral MARyland.  We service Baltimore City and the surrounding counties with modern, effective, and efficient property management solutions for home owners and investors. Below are bullet points showcasing some of the key differentiators that CENMAR Management offers to the marketplace.

  • Full Time Managing Director – Michael Elwell is a full time, experienced real estate agent who specializes in property management.   He becomes intimate with every property we manage to ensure the tenants and the owners both get what they want out of a lease term.  It is incredibly important to have someone dedicated to customer service and satisfaction when dealing with tenants needs and expectations AND dealing with the home owner and their investment.
  • High Level Marketing – Because we are a high powered sales team in Greater Baltimore, we offer the same “next level” marketing for our rental properties.   We market our clients rental properties like we would market a $500k listing.   We guarantee the maximum amount of exposure by not skimping out on the marketing of the rental property.  From professional photography to brochures to targeted advertising across several platforms – our rental listings get noticed and get rented, QUICKLY!
  • Intense Tenant Application Screening Process – The last thing we want to do is manage a property that has a terrible tenant.   We use a property management software system that allows us to run in-depth reports on potential tenants.
  • Proprietary Lease – The lease we engage tenants in is fair and protects all parties.  It is important to set specific expectations about how the process will work (payments, repairs, moving in, moving out, etc…).   By using a great lease and interacting with all parties from start to finish, we avoid headaches and misunderstandings.
  • Online Everything – CENMAR Management’s HUB is cloud based.   We host all wire transfers, maintenance and repair requests,  leases, and accounting forms online. To do anything else does not make sense.  Our owners and tenants LOVE the online system as it provides clarity to every interaction.
  • No FEE Renewals –  This is a simple one and an important one.  CENMAR Management does not charge a fee to ANY party when a tenant wants to renew their lease term.  Most management companies do.
  • Low Turnover – Another simple and important note – because we treat EVERYONE with the respect and customer service they deserve, we have very low turn over rates.  When we do have tenants turn over, we begin the marketing process 30-60 days in advance to minimize any lapse in cash flow for our home owner clients.
  • Boutique Operation – We run CENMAR Management the way we wanted someone to run a management company for our rental properties.  We will never get away from this concept.  Before making a change or implementing a new policy we ask ourselves “Would we want a management company to do this for our rental property?”.   This has been our guiding principle as we got started.

Oh By The Way ….   We do not charge any premium for service work that is to be done on a CENMAR Management property.   We provide great contractor pricing at cost.  We pass the exact amount of the maintenance or repair to the owner (conveniently logged online with copy of invoice for proper accounting at the end of the year).

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