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A question we get asked a lot is:  “Why should we hire you”?  It is a great question that most curious and educated consumers will ask.  If they are not directly asking you, they are constantly thinking about that question consciously and subconsciously as they go through their decision making process.    Professionals who can clearly identify their prospective clients needs and their ability to fulfill those needs in a way that will delight the client will save lots of time & energy for themselves and their clients.     Sales is about getting to the truth.  What does the client really want?  Can I give it to them in a way that will achieve their goal AND exceed their expectations?


Real Estate buyers and sellers SHOULD be looking for an agent who is an “expert” in these 4 areas:

  1. Real Estate – do they have a track record of success and delighted clients?
  2. Sales – are they good about uncovering the truth and executing in a fashion that produces a win win outcome?
  3. Negotiation – have the demonstrated the ability to negotiate strongly on your behalf and overcome obstacles without giving up leverage?
  4. Marketing – are they clearly using cutting edge techniques that separate them from their competition?

When not directly working with clients, our group is committed to being the best at Real Estate, Sales, Negotiation & Marketing.

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